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The painting “ST. EL-LA-MA-RIS, Umbilical with the Universe” was the starting point for a project called ‘et je ris’ (‘and I laugh’) in 2012.

New students in Maastricht were asked to contribute to their new hometown by giving their laugh. The laugh emerges from a joyful memory of ‘home’ and becomes part of a sculpture via a ritual. For this ‘ris-tual’ a tag is painted on the student’s face; after a brief contemplation on a dear memory from home, the students transmit their smile onto a wet cloth. These materialized memories of the students form the ‘skin’ of the sculpture ’C’est Maman’. This sculpture can grow on its journey through the Euregion.

The project ‘et je ris’ was commissioned by the organization of Maastricht & Euregion Cultural Capital 2018.