A ‘bouncewish’ is a deeply felt desire of which you feel it is your birthright.My bouncewish is to explore live and learn with the full package given by the creator.

To do so we have to reunite the trinity of art, science and spirituality.It is more the acceptance of the existence of this trinity.I feel it as my mission to contribute to these acceptance. We have to restore the positions and reevaluate the content of this three concepts.

That is what I do with my paintings. I work from this trinity and therefor my paintings have by content the DNA and narrative force to bring insights to change the context of how we see things. A contribution to a higher consciousness.

As soon as we start to do something together, it is culture.

We do so fed by the way we see things. How we see things is generated in the core of our culture, the trinity of Art, Spirituality and Science.
Art and culture do not stand aside in the same value ring. They are aligned by the universal laws, where one effects the other by impulses scripted with messages.

For ages the trinity was divided, we have to restore it. This is only a fact in our conditioned perception. These conditions are massif in effect. Think of the field science was allowed to investigate by religion.

Before the earth was round it was flat. Than it became the center of the universe until we realized the earth is spinning around the sun. These insights effect on how we deal with issues. It effects our innovations. There is much more wisdom available. The way to collect this wisdom is to wider our consciousness.

“It’s Raining Empty Souls, Bouncewish To Get Wet”

This painting narrates about my bouncewish in correlation with the trinity. As by connectivity the individual themes are universal and the universal themes can be personal felt this painting is a resonance field for everybody.


With the sculptural spin-off I explain the relation art vs culture as how I see it.The painting is something I created on my own.The sculpture exists by input of several people. By my vision it is culture not art.


Moods are focussed parts of the mother painting. Called moods for my mood decides what I see and therefor paint. They make an easier entrance to the whole painting.