I want to get wet, soaking wet.I want to explore life and learn with the full package given by the creator.That’s my ‘bouncewish’.

A ‘bouncewish’ is a deeply felt desire of which you feel it is your birthright. 

You can look at a painting, however seeing is a different cup of tea!To get an experience with a painting, or even a dialogue, requests time... your time.

what’s your decision?

My paintings are like stories that want to be told, they have a multidimensional energy, with the potential to be a guide to unravel your tangled themes.

Every painting is a universe, unlimited by dimensions. You can sit down and look at the stars and get impressed by its creation and even start a dialogue. Taking it to the next level is really getting into this universe and travel. Travel through time and space and discover who and what you are, how you are and why you are. That’s my motivation.

Painting is magic and asacral grace.

Playing with the elements, being allowed to sense things and bring them in expression, bringing ‘Geist in die Materie’.

I am interested in the truth behind that what we see and think is for real. I want to experience the abstraction, and bridge the left and right brain hemisphere. Abstraction to me is like the field where the universal laws are operating in plain form. They are more real than the chosen possibilities we live in. Sometimes I wish I could fly through this energy. And then I realize I do, while I am painting.

Change is a matter of consciousness,consciousness is energy.

I paint that energy!

To make the necessary transition, we have to learn more about energy, what it is, what it does, how it works.With my paintings I contribute to enlarge this insight.

The art or the artist

art is a universal navigator for consciousness,the artist an antenna in the sky,the awareness of the transmitter makes the difference.

It’s interdependent.It’s about who you are, how you see things and what you can do, a creation needs a creator.To make a proper work as an artist, you’ll have to clean up you’re personal garbage,that’s what I did and where needed still do.

Yes, I was trained as a painter by motivated teachers and I developed my skills. Skills don’t make art though. They are necessary to express yourself in a free way, and I respect the presence of the skills sincerely. But there is more, much more.

Art is about connecting with the source, you may call it God or the light. Art is an expression of a message from that source and has a function.

The necessary awareness for making art came from life, the road I had to follow. What felt as bleeding scarves on my soul, enhanced my sensibility and enabled me to express just the way I do.